Package Details

Package: minuit2-5.22.00+0
Product: minuit2
SVN Revision: 20309
Effective SVN Revision (incl depedencies): 20309
Effective latest update: 30/03/2014-20:36
Lifecycle: operational
Lifecycle (spec): operational
State: OK
Validation State: OK
Inherited State: OK
Build State: OK
Test State: OK

Dependency Graph

Remark: The dependency graph depicts for packages dependant on minuit2-5.22.00+0 only the latest version per product. Furthermore, test dependencies are not visible.

For a list with all direct and indirect dependencies and dependants (main and test) see all dependencies.


OK Package validated, build and test status ok.

All Reports

build desbuild 28/12/2014-02:47 OK
build des-macpro9 30/03/2015-09:56 OK

Table File

1 envAppend(LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ${PRODUCT_DIR}/lib)

Build File

1 #!/usr/bin/env bash
2 wget $EXTERNAL/$PRODUCT/Minuit2-$VERSION.tar.gz
3 tar xzf Minuit2-$VERSION.tar.gz
4 cd Minuit2-$VERSION
6 ./configure --disable-openmp --prefix=$PRODUCT_DIR
7 make
8 make install